The ENIC-NARIC network

Enic Naric networkThe network for recognising diplomas and qualifications / ENIC-NARIC

The principle of equivalent diplomas does not exist. A network of centres has been set up in different European countries to recognise diplomas and qualifications. Regulated and non-regulated professions exist in every country.

The Enic Naric centres provide information on the procedures to be followed to exercise a regulated profession, draws up certificates for a diploma, a period of studies, training obtained abroad and gives information about the recognition of national diplomas abroad.

In the United Kingdom, the Enic Naric centre is the UK NARIC.

All information required to apply for a certificate of comparability is described on the website. All information is available here. Translations are not required for documents drawn up in Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. Send your file by post.

It issues comparability certificates for diplomas obtained abroad and certificates recognising periods of study/training carried out abroad. Experts from the Enic-Naric centre use an analysis grid as a basis enabling them to assess the diploma submitted in relation to the national system. No certificate is issued automat Ially. Each file is subject to specific research.


Regulated professions in Europe

These are professions which are regulated by national legislation. The list of these professions varies from one country to another.

In each country, the Enic Naric centre gives you details on the professions which are subject to particular regulations and tells you what to do for your initial qualification to be recognised. European legislation automatically recognises certain professions, for example architects, doctors, nurses, midwives, dentists, pharmacists and vets. For other, non-regulated professions, assessment of the vocational diploma and the applicant is left up to the employer.