You are a manager or tutor… Find out what future trainees can offer you

Within the frame of a demanding and highly competitive market, benefiting from new ideas, new skills and a certain enthusiasm can only be an asset to help your enterprise perform even better.

Indeed, these young trainees can bring you new skills which are essential for your teams to maintain and improve your competitive edge on the domestic European market.

Need to develop a portfolio of international customers?

  • On the page, “European tools for mobility”, you’ll discover a whole set of tools and stakeholders who can help you identify trainees with the right language and multicultural skills.

What can you give in return?

  • The “Mobility kit” describes everything that is at stake in terms of educational quality.

In return, you are offering them precious experience for their future career and you will benefit from tools guaranteeing a high degree of recognition of everything achieved through the apprenticeship.

What other added value for your enterprise?

  • Through high-quality commitments and tutoring young people on training mobility, you are giving yourself the means of maintaining a multicultural environment within your enterprise.

Get ready now! Become a stakeholder in the European area of initial vocational training.



European Mobility

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